Accessorize Me Like One of Your French Girls
Photo: Song of Style
It's no secret that French Girl style is highly coveted by fashionphiles the world over. Parisian women dress with a chic sophistication and the paradoxical intimation that they’ve not given it much thought. Though never boring, their clothing is often about clean lines, exquisite tailoring, and subtle silhouettes. The same discretion can be applied to the French appetite for jewelry, in which delicate and often sentimental everyday items take precedence over statement pieces of titanic proportions (see what we did there?).
Despite the avant-garde nature of accessories and apparel that have dominated the catwalks as well as the streets over the past few seasons, the minimalistic jewelry of the iconic French Girl has maintained its popularity. From unassuming stones set into tiny stud earrings and dainty precious metal rings, to elegant chains that closely hug the base of the neck, we’ve chosen our most delicate and understated jewels that are sure to satisfy the Francophile within...
Soko Dash Hoops JewelryCloverpost Double Pearl Earring JewelryTriangle Silver Studs JewelryCloverpost Arc Necklace  JewelryLeandra Hill Simplicity is everything JewelrySayaka Davis Rae Bangle JewelryElizabeth and James Rose Studs JewelryA Detacher Scallop Necklace JewelryChanel Logo Necklace JewelrySoko Double Chain Bangle JewelryFARIS Sway Earrings JewelryBrooke Corson Dainty Gold Chain Ring JewelryCharme Silkiner Charme Silkiner Lyra BraceletSoko Double Cross Cuff JewelryAtelier paulin Madame Bracelet JewelryNoor Fares FLY ME TO THE MOONDavid Yurman Onyx & Diamonds JewelryCharme Silkiner Shelton Necklace Jewelry
Fernado Jorge STREAM LINES FLAT BANDLizzie Fortunato Desert Choker JewelrySierra Winter Jewelry Evil Eye Necklace JewelryModern Weaving Mix Matched Studs JewelryArt Youth Society Star Ring JewelryLizzie Fortunato Festival Choker JewelryLizzie Fortunato Kate Necklace JewelryCharme Silkiner Charme Silkiner NecklacesChanel Vintage Chanel Jewelry8.6.4. Wire Bent Earrings JewelryLulu Designs Eternal Flame Necklace JewelryMilk Fine Jewelry Diamond Bar Earrings JewelryArt Youth Society Star with Moon on Chain Ear Stud JewelryFig. 7 Jewelry Bangle Heaven JewelryLeigh Miller Moore Bracelet JewelrySoko Twist Cuff JewelryMilk Fine Jewelry Baguette Earrings JewelryAriel Gordon Diamond Dash Necklace Jewelry
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