Digital sales & Marketing for brick-and-mortar shops

  • Relationship Commerce

    As a local specialty shop, your customer relationships are the foundation of your business. House Account brings your customer relationships online, enabling you to extend your special in-store experience to your customers anywhere and anytime.

  • Constant Engagement

    Your customers love visiting your shop, but those visits are not every day. House Account enables you to keep your shop in the hearts of your customers with constant, enjoyable content-based engagement, so that you can drive in-store traffic and capture web and mobile sales.

  • Brand Building

    Your special in-store experience defines your brand. House Account is the next best thing to actually being there, with your real staff available to help live and your products represented in the exact way you like. You’re the brand, and we’re here to help build it up.

  • Partnership

    It's difficult, expensive, and time consuming to operate a successful digital strategy, especially without a dedicated digital team. At House Account, we act as an extension of your in-house team, doing all the heavy lifting on our end to make you look like a digital sales and marketing guru. We are your trusted partners to bring your business online and help grow it.

The easiest way to get your shop and inventory online

Just snap some pics with the House Account app, and your items are shared with your customers on mobile, web, and email. You’re instantly an omni-channel retailer without any of the hassles of traditional e-commerce.

Provide personalized service from anywhere and everywhere

There’s no better way to reach your customers than mobile messaging. Get all your shop associates using the same messaging platform so that your customers receive the service they expect at all times and you have visibility into all this activity.

  • Real-time messaging

    Live chat between shop associates and your customers is the closest thing to in-store service.

  • Photo sharing

    Share additional, more detailed product images directly with a customer to help close a sale.

  • Purchase orders

    Create and share orders with customers over messaging to enable purchasing from anywhere.

  • In-app purchasing

    Your customers can purchase items in the House Account app using secure credit card accounts.

Stand out in your clients’ email inbox

Send email campaigns to all your customers with just a few simple clicks. With all your customers and content already in one place, it’s easier than ever to craft segmented custom email campaigns. Say goodbye to all those different tools and do everything in one place.

Put your shop marketing on auto-pilot

Be less busy. Simply schedule your post sharing and email campaigns into the future and let House Account do the rest with our Marketing Calendar automation.

Know more about all your customers

You may be a small shop, but you can operate like a big player. Get detailed insights into your customers’ behavior and activity to better understand each individual customer as well as the preferences of your customer base as a whole.

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